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Police controls and fines to ensure compliance with the rules on public holidays

Many prohibitions and rules must be observed at present. Anyone who does not do so commits an administrative offence and can be punished with a fine. Serious violations can even be considered a criminal offence. Then you will be sentenced to a very high fine (up to 25.000€) or even imprisonment. This applies, for example, if you do not comply with the requirements of the public health department when you are in quarantine. Otherwise the following fines apply: Whoever does not keep to the minimum distance of 1.50m in public must pay 150.00€. In case of unauthorized meetings of more than two people, it costs 200€ to 400€ per person. Restaurant owners who open contrary to the rules must pay 4000,00 to 10.000,00€. Guests who sit down to eat or drink and do not keep the minimum distance of 50m around the restaurant or fast-food restaurant for consumption risk a fine of 150€. For example, if you buy an ice cream at an ice cream parlor, you must keep the minimum distance when ordering and may only eat the ice cream when you are more than 50m (about 60 to 70 steps) away from the ice cream parlor. Hairdressers can be asked to pay up to 5.000€ if they cut hair despite the ban. All people should absolutely observe all rules and prohibitions, because they serve as protection against infection. 

Excursions (Trips)

If you are planning an excursion, you must expect that routes and popular places are closed to prevent crowds of people. All meetings in larger groups are prohibited. Only family members who live together in the same apartment can be in public and at home as a group. This is especially important at this time when people are used to celebrating Easter or Ramadan together. The statistics show that these measures are very useful. At the beginning of the pandemic, the number of people who fell ill doubled every day, today the numbers double every 14 days. On 09.04.2020 in the Hanseatic city and district of Lüneburg If you notice signs of a cold during the holidays, you should still call the Diagnostic Centre on (0 41 31) - 26 1000, which can be reached on all days - including Easter - from 08h00 to 18h00.  


No visiting

Contacts within your own home and on your own property are now restricted to members of your own apartment. This means that apart from the people you live with, no visitors are allowed to come. 
  • If you have to look after people in need, you may visit them. 
  • A parent who does not live with their partner may visit the children if joint custody or access rights have been agreed. 
  • The immediate family is allowed at wedding ceremonies or to accompany the dying: Grandparents - parents - children, but not uncles, aunts, cousins!


Garden centers and DIY stores are now open to all customers again. The rule that every customer must use a shopping trolley when shopping has been abolished. The number of customers permitted to shop in a store at the same time will remain limited in order to ensure that the minimum distance can be maintained for the safety of all. 


Anyone who does not comply with the requirements and rules is liable to prosecution and must pay a fine. This can amount up to 25.000,00€.

PKL helps people in psychological distress

The Psychiatric Clinic Lüneburg can be reached via an emergency hotline from Monday, 06.04.2020 every Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 16h00: (0 41 31) 60260. For emergencies on weekends and holidays the Psychiatric Emergency Service is available continuously from Friday afternoon, 16h30 to Monday morning 08h00.  


450,00 Euro Minijobber

From March 1st to October 31st, 2020, as a mini-jobber you are allowed to work more than the contractually agreed amount and thus earn more than 450,00 € if you have to replace a colleague who is absent due to illness or quarantine.

Job center

There is a new "social package" of the job center. If you are in need due to dismissal or short-time work, you can make a simplified application for basic security/ALG II. This also applies to small businesses and the self-employed. 
New rules apply to basic security by law:
 If the approval period begins between 01.03.2020 and 30.06.2020, savings (assets) may be retained in the first 6 months in which one receives benefits, provided that a special maximum limit is not exceeded.
In the first 6 months of receiving benefits, the following also applies:
When you apply for benefits for the first time, you will always receive the actual amount of housing and heating expenses. This means that no one who applies for basic benefit between 1 March 2020 and 30 June 2020 will have to move now.
In addition: Anyone who, as a customer of the Job Center, would have to submit their application for continued basic provision between 31 March and 30 August does not need to do so now. The benefits will automatically continue to be approved. 
Answers to frequently asked questions can be found under this link:


Warning against fake e-mails regarding short-time work compensation

The employment agency in Lüneburg warns against fake e-mails that are sent to companies under the e-mail address kurzarbeitergeld@arbeitsagentur-service.de. In these e-mails, the companies are requested to provide concrete information about the person, the company and the employees in order to receive short-time work compensation. The employment agency is not the sender. Under no circumstances should one reply to these e-mails and disclose data. If you need information on how to apply for short-time work benefits, you should contact the toll-free hotline at (0800)4555520. 


Contact restrictions

The restrictions on contact in public life must continue to be strictly adhered to. They also apply during the Easter holidays. Anyone who does not comply with the regulations is liable to prosecution.
What this means in concrete terms can be found in the information dated 22.3.2020, 25.03.2020 and 29.03.2020. Also on the website of the district of Lüneburg at www.landkreis-lueneburg.de/coronaThere you will find all legal regulations under the heading of general rulings. 
Visits to old people's homes, assisted living groups and care facilities are now only permitted for special groups of people and only in certain situations in order to protect the residents. Private visits should be avoided altogether at present. It is better to talk to relatives and friends who live in an institution or residential group on the phone more often to protect them from loneliness. 

Child supplement for families with low income in need

The child supplement supports single parents and families with low income. Whether an income is small or sufficient for the family depends on many factors, for example How many parents and children live in the family, how old are the children, how high are the housing costs? Many parents earn less money during the Corona pandemic. This is especially true for employees affected by short-time work. In order to mitigate the financial consequences for families, you should now have your entitlement to the emergency child allowance checked and seek advice when applying for it. The Family Fund can be contacted by telephone from Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 18h00 under Tel: 0800 / 4 5555 33. Information with explanatory video can be found at https://www.arbeitsagentur.de/familie-und-kinder/kiz-lotse

Sew your own mouthguard (face mask)

n Germany, it is not yet mandatory to wear a face mask/face mask in public. Homemade masks do not protect the wearer from infection with the corona virus. However, they catch droplets in people with cold symptoms or when they speak, thus reducing the risk of others being infected. There are many sewing instructions on the internet in different languages. This video shows two alternatives that you can easily do yourself. Pattern: https://bit.ly/mundschutz-naehen

Driving license test

Those who started driving school on 01.04.2019 must normally have passed the theoretical examination within one year (i.e. by 31.03.2020). As all examination dates are currently cancelled, this deadline will be extended to 30 June 2020 in consultation with the driving license office of the Lüneburg district. This applies to all those whose examination date is after 16 March 2020. Should it be necessary, this deadline will be extended, even if no examinations can be taken in June. In many cases, access to the electronic exercise sheets will continue to be activated beyond the 12 months paid for, so that one can continue to prepare. 




If you would like to get married at the civil registry office(Standesamt) in the next few weeks, you should find out how many guests are admitted at the registry office. Appointments for the marriage will take place as agreed. However, the number of guests will be limited. All couples concerned will be informed personally in advance. The registry office can be reached under the telephone number 04131-3093686 or by e-mail at B333@stadt.lueneburg.de.


Help phone for pregnant women in need: The help line is available around the clock at the toll-free number 0800/ 40 40 020 for pregnant women in need. There are experienced contact persons who give advice in 18 languages*. You do not need to give your name. The conversation remains confidential. The advice can be given by telephone or online and is free of charge. 
You can be referred to a pregnancy counselling center in your place of residence. You can find an advice center near your place of residence via the website. 



During the Corona crisis, fathers are still allowed to be present at the birth of their child at the municipal hospital and have visiting rights. Even if the mother is suffering from Corona, she can have her child at the gynecological clinic and is also allowed to breastfeed and care for it - but with a mouthguard and gloves. Birth certificates for newborns are sent by post after they have been certified. A personal collection is not necessary. The registration office can be contacted by phone at: (04131) 309-3259 or by e-mail at B331@stadt.lueneburg.de


Accompanying the dying and attending funerals are still possible, but only within the immediate family circle. Only grandparents, parents and children, life partners and spouses belong to the closest family circle. In Lüneburg the maximum number of persons is 10. If more than 10 persons belong to the closest relatives, a special permit can be applied for. Funeral ceremonies are only possible outdoors. The minimum distance of 2 meters must be observed. Should a deceased person have been infected with Corona, it is no longer possible to say goodbye at the open coffin, which means that this person cannot be seen again. However, one can still choose between burial and cremation. Information about current regulations can be obtained from funeral homes.  



PLEASE DO NOT STOP PAYING THE RENT WITHOUT CONSULTING THE apartment´s OWNER, if you as a tenant have got into financial difficulties because of the Corona crisis!
The basic rule is: Whoever rents residential space is and remains obliged to pay the rent!
However: Owners are currently not allowed to terminate the lease for private individuals who get into financial difficulties due to the effects of the Corona crisis, because they cannot pay the rent as a tenant. However, this only applies to tenants in the case of:
- Termination of employment because of Corona.
- Non-extension of the temporary contract due to Corona.
- insufficient income in case of short-time work because of Corona
- Delay in processing and payment of requested social benefits (e.g. wage replacement benefits and housing cost support) due to congestion due to corona 
This regulation is initially only valid for the months of April, May and June.
Attention: The right to terminate a lease for other reasons remains. This includes, for example, default of payment (= rent debts incurred up to 31.3.2020), termination due to the tenant's behavior or for personal use! 
This should be done as early and as quickly as possible if you are unable to pay your rent for the reasons mentioned above:
1.) Copy or photograph/scan the employer's letter announcing short-time work or dismissal due to Corona If there is no written document, request it from the employer in writing. Keep all letters in a safe place. 
2.) Ask the employment office, job center or social welfare office by telephone or online for advice on whether and which benefits can be claimed.
3.) Apply for state benefits (e.g. wage replacement benefit, housing benefit, etc.) as soon as possible. (Forms and information can be found on the websites of the authorities). Make sure that you receive proof that the application has been received. Keep the document in a safe place!
4.) Contact the owner in writing by e-mail or letter as early as possible to draw attention to the financial emergency. 
This belongs in the letter to the owner: 
b. You must also *credibly* assure the owner that you have applied for government support, e.g. you have applied to the social security office, job center or employment office for wage replacement or other benefits (e.g. housing benefit).
b.       Man muss dem Vermieter außerdem *glaubhaft versichern*, dass man sich um staatliche Unterstützung bemüht hat, z.B. einen Antrag beim Sozialamt, beim Jobcenter oder beim Arbeitsamt auf Lohnersatzleistungen oder andere Leistungen (z.B. Wohngeld) gestellt hat. 
5.) Be sure to get help if it is difficult for you to write in German.  
6.) Recommendation: If possible, you should pay at least a small part of the rent. This shows a serious effort to keep the rent debt as low as possible.
Important note:
In order to prove later that you have informed the owner in time and have done everything possible to avoid rent debts, you should copy all letters you receive or send yourself to all offices involved and to the owner or at least take pictures with your mobile phone and keep them in a safe place. 
The owner can defer the rent for April, May and June. This means that, exceptionally, one may pay the rent later. The repayment must be made by June 2022 time.
Attention: You still owe the owner the rent for the months in which you have not paid the rent. You may have to pay additional interest on the rent debt later. But there are also owners, such as LüWo-Bau, who want to waive this interest voluntarily and out of social responsibility. 
Attention: The rent is not waived! The payment obligation to the owner remains even if you move out!
What is the meaning of *credible to assure*:
You need a letter from your employer (notice of termination or order for short-time work) and proof that you have applied for state benefits to prove that the financial hardship was caused by the special circumstances due to the Corona crisis. If one cannot prove this and does not pay the rent for other reasons, the usual legal regulations and sanctions are applied!
Different rules apply to tenants of commercial properties and business premises!


Who advises and supports parents, children and young people with worries, crises and conflicts?

Because of the Corona crisis, families with children and single parents face major challenges, since life now takes place almost exclusively at home. This can lead to special worries, crises or violence in the family, e.g. also to conflicts with neighbors, for whom playing the children is too loud.
Care phone from the city and district of Lüneburg, phone: (0 4131) 26 16 80. Monday to Friday 9 am to 12 noon from Monday, March 30, 2020
Further numbers - free and anonymous advice (you do not have to give your name):
"number against grief" for parents: 0800-1110550
Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. AND Tuesday and Thursday 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.    
"Number against grief for children and adolescents": 116 111, Monday to Saturday, 2 to 8 p.m.                                         
Child Protection Association Lüneburg at (041 31) 223966.  


Observe rest periods, so that unnecessary conflicts with neighbours do not arise! Rest periods are often regulated in the house rules or in the lease contract. One has the obligation to observe them. If there are no special regulations in the house rules or rental contract, conflicts can be avoided if you and your children observe the following rest periods: From Monday to Friday: Volume in the room at noon between 13h00 and 15h00 and from 20h00. Night rest is legally required from 22h00 to 06h00. On weekends, you should keep the volume at all times during the day and at night. Indoor volume means: no romping, jumping and stomping or shouting, no loud conversations and loud music, no music that you can hear outside your own home with the door closed.

Who helps with violence against women?

The help line "Violence against women" is an advisory service for women of all nationalities. Accessible every day and around the clock. Relatives and friends who are worried will also receive advice anonymously and free of charge. Telephone: 08000 116 016

Online advice www.hilfetelefon.de

What to do in the event of loss of earnings due to quarantine?

If the disease breaks out, you have the right to sick leave. This gives the employer the usual right to continued payment of wages. Even employees without symptoms of illness who suffer a loss of earnings due to an ordered quarantine are entitled to financial compensation. 
The health department will answer any questions about this: gesundheitsamt@landkreis-lueneburg.de
Waiting times are currently to be expected for processing inquiries. 
What do you have to do if you are quarantined by the Health Department?
The Lüneburg Health Office answers further, frequently asked questions at https://spezial.lklg.net/. Then go to "Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ Quarantine".




Warning of tricksters

Attention: If people at your doorstep claim that they are coming from the health department to perform a Corona test, do not let them into your apartment at all. Close the door and call the police. They are tricksters, even if they wear protective clothing and breathing masks and show an ID card. The health board will not visit you without registration, even to give you protection masks!



Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced new measures in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus in Berlin. These rules will apply from Monday, 23.3.2020. Anyone who does not follow these rules will be liable to prosecution!

1: Citizens are urged to reduce contacts with other people outside the members of their own household to an absolutely necessary minimum.

2: In public, wherever possible, a minimum distance of at least 1.5 metres -better 2 metres -must be maintained to persons other than those mentioned above.

3: Staying in public areas is only permitted alone, with another person not living in the household or in the circle of members of one's own household. Explanation/notice: You are only allowed to stay outside on the street, in the park or in naturewith the persons of your own family or your flatmates with whom you share the flat. If you live alone, you may only be outside with a person who does not live in the same apartment.

4: The way to work, emergency care, shopping, visits to the doctor, participation in meetings, necessary appointments and examinations, help for other or individual sports and exercise in the fresh air as well as other necessary activities remain of course possible.

5: Groups of people celebrating in public places, in homes and private institutions are unacceptable in view of the serious situation in our country. Violations of the contact restrictions should be monitored by the regulatory authorities and the police and sanctions should be imposed in case of violations. Verstöße  gegen die Kontakt-Beschränkungen sollen von den Ordnungsbehörden und der Polizei  überwacht und bei Zuwiderhandlungen sanktioniert werden.

Explanation/notice: You are therefore not allowed to meet with friends and acquaintances in your own home. Whoever does not follow this rule can be sentenced to a fine of 25.000€ or imprisonment!

6: Catering establishments will be closed. This does not include the delivery and collection of take-away food for consumption at home.

Explanation/notice: The food may not be eaten outside but only at home!

7: Hairdressers, beauty salons, massage practices, tattoo studios and similar establishments will be closed, because physical closeness is essential in this area. Medically necessary treatments remain possible.

8: In all establishments, and especially those open to the public, it is important to comply with hygiene regulations and implement effective protective measures for employees and visitors.

9: These measures should be in place for at least two weeks". The Chancellor urged the citizens to comply with the decisions. "Please pull everyone along," Merkel said. "Show good sense and heart."

By the way: Mrs. Merkel herself must now stay in quarantine for two weeks, because she might have contracted the coronavirus from a doctor who is infected with it. This doctor had vaccinated Frau Merkel against pneumonia.


Oberschulestudents and teachers at the Oberschule am Schiffshebewerk Scharnebeck lift under quarantine

The quarantine applies to all students and their teachers at the secondary school at the Oberschule am Schiffshebewerk Scharnebeck until March 27, 2020. This affects all members of the family who live in one household. Anyone who shows symptoms of a cold must report to thecitizens' phone at (0 4131) 26 1000. Please do NOT go to the doctor, hospital or diagnostic center until you have registered with this number and received instructions! The citizen phone can be reached daily from 08:00 to 18:00. Sometimes you have to wait a bit for the call to be accepted. Please stay on the line! If you do not show any cold symptoms, you should not report, because a test does not make sense because the virus cannot be detected at this time. The quarantine regulations must be observed. Information is available at www.landkreis-lueneburg.de/corona.

Help in the neighborhood

There is a new website for the people of Lüneburg. There you can find out where you need help and support, e.g. because you cannot or don't want to leave the house due to your age, illness or quarantine and therefore cannot shop. Others offer themselves as conversation partners so that people feel less lonely. Still others help with childcare or go for a walk with the dog if you cannot do it yourself. The website can be reached at www.lebendiges-lueneburg.de/solidaritaet .

Churches and mosques

All churches are closed. On the websites of the individual churches you can find their offers, e.g. Online worship services and offers of talks. 

The mosques on Lüner Weg and Dahlenburger Str. Arealso closed - Friday prayers are canceled until further notice. 

Fees for the municipal day care centers and day care facilities of the City of Lüneburg

The contributions for March have already been paid. As soon as the day-care centers, day-care centers and day-care centers in the city go back to normal, the parents receive a bill for this month and part of the contribution is repaid. From April, the Hanseatic city will stop collecting the fees for care, i.e. the money is not debited. Anyone who pays their fees by standing order should initially suspend it. With this, the city wants to relieve parents in this difficult time. So far, this regulation does not apply to childcare facilities from other providers. 

Volksbank and Sparkasse -banks close some branches or reduce opening hours

Volksbank: the branches in BleckedeI, lmenaugarten and Vahrendorf are closed. Customers of other Volksbank branches must register in advance if they want to have a personal conversation with an employee. The Volksbank can be reached from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at (0 41 71) 8840. 

The Sparkasse closes the branch on campus. All other branches are only open from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The Sparkasse can be reached by phoneat (0 41 31) 2880 and the new hotline (0 4131) 288 77 77. 

The Sparkasse and Volksbank ATMs, bank statement printers and transfer terminals remain accessible and are regularly filled and disinfected. 

Difficulty paying the rent

Tenants with their own income who have rented their apartment from Lüwo-Bau and are experiencing payment difficulties should definitely contact Lüwo-Bau and inform them about the emergency by email, post or by phone. Lüwo-Bau itself is closed to the public. It is urged not to simply stop paying the rent. A solution to the problem is discussed so that the tenants of Lüwo-Bau do not lose their apartment due to the Corona crisis!


According to current research, the corona virus cannot be transmitted from pets to humans or vice versa. However, in-depth scientific studies are still missing. If you have to stay in quarantine, you should look for someone to walk your dog. Please do not just put the animals out or in front of the door of the Lüneburg animal shelter.